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Release time:2024/03/28
How is the aluminum drawing machine to achieve the drawing and drawing of aluminum?

Aluminum drawing machine is a special equipment for aluminum drawing and drawing, its working principle is mainly based on the principle of plastic deformation and mechanical drawing. The following are the main steps for aluminum drawing and drawing:

1. Material preparation: First, the aluminum material to be stretched needs to be prepared, usually in the form of aluminum rods or aluminum wires. These aluminum materials need to have a certain plasticity, so that plastic deformation occurs during the stretching process.

2. Heating treatment: Before stretching, aluminum usually needs to be heated to improve its plasticity. Heating can increase the atomic spacing of aluminum, reducing its flow stress and making it easier to stretch.

3. Drawing process: The aluminum drawing machine drives the drawing mold through the transmission system to exert tension on the aluminum. Under the action of tension, the aluminum material is plastic deformed through the gap of the stretching mold and is stretched into the desired shape and size.

4. Wire drawing process: If the wire drawing operation is required, the aluminum drawing machine is usually equipped with a wire drawing die. After the drawing process, the aluminum is further passed through the gap of the wire drawing die to form a finer aluminum wire or aluminum wire.

5. Cooling treatment: After stretching and drawing, the aluminum needs to be cooled to fix its shape and size. Cooling can narrow the atomic spacing of aluminum and increase its strength and hardness.

In summary, the aluminum drawing machine realizes the stretching and wire-drawing of aluminum through heating treatment, drawing and wire-drawing process and cooling treatment. In this process, the drawing die and wire drawing die of the Sidar drawing machine are key components, and the design and manufacturing quality directly affect the quality and production efficiency of the product. At the same time, aluminum drawing machine also has a variety of advantages, such as simple operation, high production efficiency, stable product quality, etc., so it has been widely used in the aluminum processing industry.

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