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LHT-450/13 (equal diameter) high speed copper continuous drawing annealing unit

This machine is mainly used to make Φ8mm copper rod into Φ1.35 ~ Φ4.8mm copper wire, and can be annealed and softened directly after wire drawing, and then by the double plate automatic winding machine or the inverted plum unloading wire.

Product Features Model Description Product Mix
Product Features

1. Drawing drum wheel is arranged horizontally in straight line, equal diameter drum wheel, drawing host and fixed speed wheel are separately driven by a separate motor, which can realize rapid mold change, drawing different wire diameters, only need to change the diameter of the finished die, through the operation interface input of the diameter of the finished die can draw the required finished line

2. φ450 drawing wire drum surface spraying tungsten carbide, high hardness, good wear resistance, long service life. High precision grinding bevel gear drive, high efficiency, low noise

3. The drawing wire adopts immersed lubrication and cooling, which can ensure the drawing quality of the wire

4. the annealing device is inclined, reduce the height, so that the operator does not need to use a ladder up and down can thread, easy to operate. Dc annealing, annealing voltage automatically track the speed of the host

5. double disk automatic change disk, continuous wire, to ensure the quality of annealing wire head

6. DC motor drive, stable starting operation

7. PLC program control, man-machine interface setting and display process parameters, simple and intuitive operation

Model Description

1. into the wire copper rod diameter: Phi 8㎜

2. the linear diameter: Phi 4.8 ~ Phi 1.35㎜

3. Maximum outlet speed: 30m/s

4. Maximum number of stretch tracks: 13

5. the diameter of the drum wheel: Phi 450

6. Speed ratio of pulling machine: 1.30 ~ 1.24

7. Cable reel specifications: PND500 ~ 630

8. drawing emulsion maximum dosage: 1000L/min, (pressure 0.2 ~ 0.3Mpa)

9. annealing cooling water (liquid) maximum amount: 550 L/min, (pressure 0.2 ~ 0.3 Mpa)

10. compressed air total consumption: 30M3/h (pressure 0.6Mpa)

11. maximum steam consumption: 40kg/h

12. Main motor Z4: 280kW

13. traction motor Z4: 75kW

14. Winding motor Z4: 22kW×2 sets

15. the contact wheel diameter: Phi 450mm

16. maximum annealing current: 6000A (DC)

17. maximum annealing voltage: 70V (DC)

18. annealing transformer: 450kVA

19. the total power of the unit: about 800kW

Equipment composition

1. vertical double station pay-off: 1 set

2. cable host: 1 set

3. storage line tension device: 1 set

4. toughening annealing device: 1 set

5. double disk automatic winding machine: 1 set

6. drawing oil supply station: 1 set

7. rolling point piercing machine: 1 set

8. Electrical control system: 1 set

Product Mix

1. spiral arm type payoffs: three groups of wire guide wheel, the spiral arm can rotate 900, two rolls of blank line can be placed under the spiral arm.

2. Cable host:

2.1 Pull wire drum wheel axis tilt 30, arranged in straight line.

2.2 There are 30 inclines between the drum wheels, and the incoming wire and outgoing wire should be staggered to avoid the wire chafing each other, so as to improve the quality of the drawing wire.

2.3 The wire drum wheel is driven by carburized and grinded cylindrical helical gear, which has high transmission power, high efficiency and easy replacement.

2.4 Drawing liquid immersion cooling method. All drum wheels are immersed in the drawstring groove, and cooled outside the groove for liquid supply and recovery. The pull wire lubrication cycle in the groove is separated from the gear drive lubrication system, and the pull wire coolant is isolated from the drive oil.

2.5 The drum wheel and the drawing die are in a long tank filled with cooling lubricating fluid. The wetted drawing wire is provided with three quick drain valves at the bottom of the tank. When the line breaks and other conditions need to be treated, the valve handle can be turned to quickly drain the liquid.

2.6 The fixed speed wheel and line dividing wheel are inlaid steel wheel structure, and the drum ring is sprayed with carbide to improve the service life of the drum ring.

2.7 The 13th die base is designed as a rotating structure. When the wire is drawn, it slowly rotates at a constant speed of 31r/mim to improve the roundness of the finished wire and the service life of the wire drawing die.

2.8 Special tip: The maximum external diameter of the drawing die for this machine is 40㎜, the thickness is 30㎜, the drawing die must be a polycrystalline die; It is best to use polycrystalline die for other drawing die, improve the service life of die and quality of finished wire, reduce drawing force and reduce energy consumption.

3. continuous annealing device: DC two-stage annealing method

3.1 Low voltage DC power supply is supplied to three annealing regulating wheels by carbon brush through collector ring; The copper wire wound on the annealing guide wheel is heated by electricity to anneal the wire. After cooling and drying, the annealed copper wire enters the wire storage device, and finally draws the wire into a disk. This device uses low-voltage DC power supply directly through the continuous annealing on the copper wire, in order to obtain uniform annealing copper wire, the use of six-phase thyristor rectifier power supply.

3.2 The annealing voltage is proportional to the square of the wire drawing speed, and the annealing voltage value can be approximately calculated as follows:

U=14.5SQR(v) (volt) v- linear annealing rate (m/s)

U=14.5SQR(v) (V)

3.3 The heating area of the second stage is sealed by aluminum annealing groove, which is protected by steam to prevent wire oxidation. The steam working pressure of 0.04 ~ 0.06MPa, the maximum gas consumption of 40㎏/h.

3.4 The cooling emulsion in the cooling chamber is made of 0.5 ~ 1% soapy water. After cooling, the annealed copper wire is dried with compressed air through the wire blower to dry the residual water droplets attached to the surface of the wire.

4. Cable storage rack

4.1 It consists of an upper floating regulating wheel and a lower fixed regulating wheel. Floating regulating wheel under the action of the cylinder, so that the wire around the regulating wheel to produce tension, adjust the cylinder pressure can control the tension size.

4.2 The upper floating regulating wheel floats up and down under the action of tension and drives the corresponding potentiometer to rotate to control the speed of wire drawing and keep the speed of wire drawing synchronized.

4.3 The conductor drives the encoder to rotate when the lower fixed regulating wheel rotates, and the encoder signal is input to PLC to calculate the drawing length and drawing speed, which is used for automatic tracking control of wire receiving fixed length changing plate and annealing.

5. the dual disk automatic Phi 500 ~ Phi 630 winding device

5.1 Full pneumatic loading and unloading disc, the cylinder to push the inclined boss, so that the four hinge connecting rod mechanism moves up and down, when the wire reel shaft hole is at the center position, press the switch button, the cylinder to push the center in the case of the wire reel micro rotation will be tight. The pneumatic locking pin is inserted into the central shaft sleeve to make the movable central positioning lock.

5.2 The ball screw is driven by the wide speed regulating AC frequency conversion motor to drive the wiring rack to the rewiring. When the fixed-length signal reaches the start of the disk changing operation, the cables should be shuttled back and forth in a small area near the hanging disk to ensure that the length of the copper cables on each disk is the same.

5.3 Two 22KW DC motors are used to drive the two hanging coils and rotate at the same time when changing the coils. The linear speeds are consistent under the control of PLC program to ensure the stable tension of the storage wires without impact when changing the coils.

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